/ Business intelligence vs Human intelligence
28 oktober, 2015

As a professional coach with more than 20 years of experience of managing within an international sales environment. I love processes, Goal driven, proven and easy to understand.

My beliefs and discoveries are, whatever area of your life you’d like to improve – an effective coach/mentor can help you to increase your own awareness;


– Who you are => What are you good at

– What do you want => Where do you want to go

– How do you get it => Transform


I let you discover your greater potential, to make intelligent decisions and plans for future steps.
It covers all areas in life, private, functions, organizations and leadership.


– Individuals will gain positive strength and find their greater potential.

– ”Form, fit & function” will make sense in your daily work.

– Organization development by ”All-4-1 & 1-4-All” concept => find the core.

– Take your Leadership to higher level by using coaching as a powerful tool.


By nurture your invested human capital, will make positive results all the way to the bottom line, no matter if its a Company or Yourself.


Some call it Business Intelligence => I call it Human Intelligence!


I state the promise,
”I will provide the best of me to fully support your transformation to your goals and challenges”!

Magnus Green, professional coach, September 24th 2015

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